Keeping up with trends and changes in the world of professional coaching is an important aspect of the work of the International Coach Federation (ICF). This is why ICF invited 19 coach practitioners, considered subject matter experts, representing different continents and countries, diverse backgrounds and varying experience levels to a two-day meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to discuss the duties and tasks associated with running a successful coaching practice. Our very own Founder, ICF-Master Certified Coach Julius Ordonez, was chosen to participate in this historic event, representing the Asian coaching community.

With the help of two seasoned facilitators from Ohio University, the coaches used a DACUM process to structure their conversations. The group was divided into two clusters: One discussed the general duties of a coach practitioner, while the other focused on the responsibilities of internal coach practitioners (professional coach practitioners employed within an organization who have specific coaching responsibilities identified in their job descriptions). The clusters identified specific roles that coaches play in building and maintaining a sustainable practice and also categorized the skills, behaviors, tools and knowledge that allows them to be current, relevant and effective.

This work provides vital information that may influence future coaching practice. It will form the basis for a validation survey that will allow for input from ICF Members and Credential-holders—as well as, potentially, from non-ICF coaches. The results of this survey will be made public and used to create robust guidelines, inform curriculum design and influence assessment processes.

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