About ICF Philippines

The ICF Philippines is a registered local chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global organization of professional coaches, with more than 27,000 members and 15,000 credentialed coaches in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Revived by Master Certified Coach Julius C. Ordonez in 2009 as a SEC-registered legal entity, ICF Philippines Chapter seeks to promote and advance the practice of coaching in the Philippines based on the highest global standards set by the ICF. As the recognized authority in the field of professional coaching, ICF Philippines serves as the country’s most credible, up-to-date and world class resource of coaching.

As a community of professional coaches, we at ICF Philippines value Integrity, Genuine Concern, Authenticity, Confidentiality, Thirst for Learning, Engagement and Global Perspective.

Our local chapter members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Networking: The opportunity to connect and collaborate with local ICF Members and learn from their experience in various industries as well as their own Coaching practice. 
  • Leadership Development: The opportunity to grow personally and professionally by joining, leading and supporting the Chapter’s activities. As a member of the ICF Philippines Chapter, you are eligible to volunteer to the following committees: Public Relations, Professional Development, Membership, and Community Relations.
  • Pro-bono Coaching: The opportunity to serve the community by bringing to them the power of coaching. By doing so, you also build your coaching skills, valuable in attaining ICF Credentials to serve your clients better.
  • Monthly Learning Sessions: The opportunity to learn new concepts, updates, trends, skills-sets that will strengthen your personal and professional foundation. Earn valuable CCEUs by joining our monthly learning sessions. 
  • Peer Group Coaching:  The opportunity to help and be helped by a coaching colleague on actual coaching challenges, leading to new perspectives and insights as well as the acquisition of skills-set based on ICF Core Coaching Competencies.
  • Credentialing Support: Have an existing credentialed Coach guide you through the credentialing process and help you prepare for the CKA.
  • ICFP Logo and Certificate: Leverage your membership by using the ICF Philippines Chapter logo in your website, e-mail communications, or stationery items. You may also display your membership certificate to let clients know you’re part of the Chapter.
  • Website Inclusion: The professional prestige as your profile and photo appear in our website – www.icfphilippines.org.
  • Discounts: Discounted rates at ICFP organized learning events like conferences, talks, etc.