ICFP Partners with NGO to Support Philippine Education

ICF Philippines (ICFP) is lending a hand to the country’s educational system by partnering with the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd).

PBEd is an NGO founded in 2006 by some of the country’s leading CEO’s. Chaired by Ramon del Rosario Jr, its aim is to help uplift the quality and availability of education in the country.

One program PBEd has is to support and train 1,000 new teachers by 2019. Senior mentors from different universities from around the country have been commissioned to help train these new teachers.

ICFP and PBEd are now partners with 19 volunteers providing pro-bono coaching services to 44 teacher mentors starting June 2017.

Most of the coaches had a chance to meet the coachees from all over the country in a conference held by the PBEd in Sta Rosa, Laguna. Subsequent coaching sessions were then done by phone or Skype.

After receiving positive feedback about the program, the PBEd officers have requested for additional coaching for some of their own officers as well as more mentors, bringing the number to over 50 coachees and 23 volunteer coaches.

The project continues to provide PBEd mentors free access to coaching, and at the same time, gives the ICFP members an opportunity to make a difference in the country’s educational system.