Careers in Coaching: Virna Villarosa, ACC


According to  “meta” is a word the Greeks used to refer to “beyond.” refers to it as seeing from a higher perspective. So what might this higher form of coaching be all about and what makes it different from others? Virna Villarosa share with us her experience in this video.

Virna is a Meta-Coach and VP for Business Development for Breakthrough Coaching and Consulting, Inc. She is a member of the Leadership Team for Meta-Coach Foundation-Philippines. She served as a Team Leader during the Meta-Coaching Mastery Bootcamp facilitated by Dr. L. Michael Hall in 2015 and 2018 here in Manila.  Apart from coaching executives, business owners, managers, and individuals, she has set her heart on facilitating breakthroughs of persons with disability as her personal advocacy. She designed a coaching program for Persons with Disability (PWD) under Leonard Cheshire Disability Foundation – Philippines.