by Matthew Sy

Co-founder of What Really Matters
Life Coach & Program Designer under Haraya Coaching
Positive Psychology Practitioner

Matthew Sy

“I used to be the type of coach who feared having a niche would result in losing out on possible clients. I kept my title general in the belief that it would be a more effective strategy. It was only until Ana’s workshop that my understanding changed.

One of the main insights I picked up from Ana’s workshop was discovering your niche through the concept of Ikigai. Ikigai is a concept that originated in Japan, and this concept promotes discovering one’s purpose through finding the intersection of the world’s greatest needs and our greatest strengths might be. Through this insight and the guidance of Ana, the word that I resonated within me was self-belief.

I felt that this word encapsulated the growth & struggle I experienced in the past and the impact I want to create in the world. As someone who was challenged with a lack of self-belief, I know how limited the world was for me then. This realization has led me to be able to define the people whom I want to serve—this being the anxious high-achievers and recovering people-pleasers of the world. Now I know that by creating spaces for these individuals to show up in the world the way they feel most comfortable and courageous, these individuals will become the changemakers the world needs.

Now, I notice myself being renewed and realigned to why I started as a coach. I began this journey with the desire to show up more in the world each day a bit more vulnerable and courageous. My purpose is in pursuit of creating spaces for individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued so that they may show up in the world versions of themselves they feel proud of.”