The ICF CONVERGE21 is a bi-annual coaching summit that brings the global coaching community together to learn, grow, connect, lead and inspire together.

In this year’s CONVERGE21, here are 4 noteworthy key takeaways to think about:

#1. TEAM COACHING is a hot topic and we will hear more about it in 2022

  • ICF Advance Team Coaching Certification to Pilot in Early 2022
  • Designed to validate team coach practitioner’s knowledge, experience and skill in team coaching
  • Rigorous requirements for training, experience, and independent assessment
  • Based on input from a global panel of Subject Matter Experts volunteer
  • Credentialing Requirements:
    • Prerequisite ICF Credential (ACC, PCC or MCC active credential-holder)
    • Team Coaching Education. 60 hrs Team Coaching Training
    • Team Coaching Experience (Completed 10 Engagements with Documentation)
    • Coaching Supervision and Guided Reflective Practice (10 hrs)
    • Independent Assessment of Team Coaching Competence (Written Exam)
    • 3-year Renewal Cycle

#2. Technology will play a key role in our coaching practice from using social media to build your practice, leveraging podcasting for growth, coaching virtually, and succeeding in online learning

#3. Measuring the impact of coaching by identifying the Why, What, and How.

12 EASY STEPS for measuring the Impact of Coaching by Nader Bechini, ROI Institute

  • 1 Start with the WHY. Align the programs with the business.
  • 2 Make it feasible. Select the right solution.
  • 3 Expect success. Set objectives at multiple levels.
  • 4 Make it matter. Design for input, reaction, and learning.
  • 5 Make it stick. Design for Application and Impact.
  • 6 Make it Credible: Isolation. (Isolate the effect of coaching)
  • 7 Converting Data to Money.
  • 8 Tabulating the cost.
  • 9 Calculating ROI.
  • 10 Identifying the intangibles
  • 11 Tell the story.
  • 12 Optimize the results

#4. Think Bigger! What is possible now, that wasn’t possible before? Expect big transitions and shifts in the way we deliver value and attract clients and run our operations.

3 Big Shifts for the Future by Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow

  • 1 Shift from producer to platform (from producer of ideas to scale-up and become a platform – How do you scale your expertise?)
  • 2 Shift from intuition to fact [Fun Fact! The Crown series storyline had input from Big data and Analytics from Netflix when it signed up to produce the series. Its data analytics predicted the success of the show.] How do you connect data to your personal process?
  • 3 Shift from 10% improvements to 10x opportunities.

The digital transformation of the world has begun. This new era will challenge what it means to be a coaching professional. Now is the time to embrace your own journey of transformation.

Constantly challenge your assumptions about the future. What can you learn from the youngest and newest members of your peer group? Ask them to lead a virtual conversation with you on how new technologies and ways of working might integrate with your own knowledge and experience.

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