Last March 30, ICF Philippines hosted a session “What You Need to Know About Team Coaching”. Here’s what one of our participants shared as her key takeaway from the session.

On the Team Coaching Business

Colm shared the various statistics as to why one should consider team coaching and why as a coach we should be building our skills in this aspect. His market insights provided me with a direction as to what skillsets I can further develop to be abreast with what is expected to happen in the future.

Colm provided ideas on what topics and services as a coach one can provide to our potential clients and provided for further thinking prompts as to our role with them.

On Building my Organization

Coaching as a skill is essential in being a great leader. Running a sales organization of more than 300 advisors and 6 leaders that earns based on performance, I have seen the importance of helping them improve their individual and team performance through a more collaborative manner. Having a co-creative and reflective process in leadership is more effective and sustainable in the long run. Likewise, constructively challenging their thinking and behaviors has led to innovative solutions that have helped the team grow. In addition, “What do you think we can do together that we can’t do apart?” is a great question to add on to my coaching toolkit or in simply running my regular monthly brainstorming session. This to me is what the essence is of team coaching. 


Written by Jo-An Darlene Chua-Yu, FChFP, CFC, CAM, PMP
CEO of Spark Amber Financial Group

Date Posted: Apr 21, 2022